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Case Studies

Case Study: Players Health

Abuse in youth sports must be stopped. Not a light topic; but an important one to shed some light on. According to, 40% to 50% of athletes have experienced anything from mild harassment to severe abuse. Research suggests that sexual abuse in sports impacts between 2% to 8% of all athletes. 90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way.

Create an online video training course that would raise awareness around the problem of abuse in youth sports and catapult Players Health’s mission to end abuse in youth sports for good.

Any coach, parent, guardian, and athlete who is involved in youth sports at any level.

Work alongside an Agency serving as the lead Video Production Company. We were tasked with all things Pre-Production, such as script review, scouting locations, and setting up the proper video crew, which included over a dozen roles on set. We took a blank canvas location and, through sourcing various building materials, props, and art, we built 2 distinct sets to support each section of the content. Over the course of six days we captured various sections of the video training content.

Over 200 minutes of training content presented by keynote speaker and former college football star athlete, John Guydon. Additional content provided by youth sport abuse survivors, young athletes, and psychology experts who are inundated with unfortunate cases of abuse on the regular.

On one of the six filming days we knew the content would get heavy, quick. We interviewed a young woman who shared her story of sexual abuse while on her college soccer team. You must quickly create a comfortable space for heavy subject matter on set. Rehashing a story of abuse on camera can be insanely overwhelming. In an effort to make the space safe and to get a vulnerable story told, knowing the impact it’d have for future athletes, we minimized the footprint of all crew, agency, and clients on the set to just three people. This allowed our hero to feel safe sharing such a dark story. The on-camera interviewee shared multiple times how safe she felt, much in part to the environment we created.

Online training content is now available on the Players Health website for any coach, athlete, and parent to consume in an effort to make sports a safer place for all.

According to Players Health, since inception, over 18,000 Abuse Prevention Trainings have been completed in the last 2 years.

“This is an amazing step forward in athlete safety!” —Kayla Finnerty, Marketing Manager

Case Study: HTH Pools + Sirona Spas

Problem One: Pool and Spa Owners have been feeling uneducated about proper pool and hot tub upkeep.

Problem Two: Pool and Spa Brand wanted to depart from using stock photo and video assets and create their own original content for their audience.

Objective #1: Create 8 how-to videos for pool and spa owners.

Objective #2: Create over a years’ worth of social media and web content in both photo and video fashion in a variety of aspect ratios for multiple platforms.

Website and Social Media followers for the brands HTH and Sirona Spa as well as the parent company, Solenis.

We tackled a lot on this bad boy. Script and storyboard reviews and collaborations. Shot listing. Scouting and securing locations. Auditioning and casting talent. Crewing. Underwater camera rigging. Craft services. Prop wrangling. Wardrobe. Makeup. Two full days of production. All post production needs including color correction, audio mixing, and delivery.

We reviewed all 8 storyboards for the videos and the wish lists for still photos. Each video required a VO Talent to record the script and several moments in the script called for supportive on-screen text to help hammer home the messaging. The still photos were pretty straightforward and captured mostly for volume of shots that would later be edited and produced into print assets for each brand.

A few days before the shoot, our out-of-state client unfortunately came down with COVID and would not be able to travel to the shoot. After considering a virtual approach to including them in on the shoot, it was determined to reschedule the shoot for 2 later dates. This really put the “big” in the words “biggest win.” It is no small feat to reschedule 6 on-camera talent and roughly 20 crew members, but it was all handled quickly and efficiently to ensure a healthy and safe set for the 2 eventual production days.

We scored two amazing summer weather days. The agent scored 8 new video assets and over a year of photo and video moments that are being used frequently vs. what was once stock video clips.