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We always say that scope and budget go hand-in-hand. There are many variables that
can uncover final video production cost number.

Some (not all) things that help us uncover costs:

  • How many days of filming needed?
  • How many videos are you looking to produce?
  • How long is each video(s)?
  • Is it real people or animated?
  • Are you hiring talent to be in the video or using your own team to be on-camera?
  • Are you providing locations or needing to rent space?
  • Is there travel involved?
  • Will there be live animals on set? (snuck that in to see if you are still reading)

As you can see, the scope for any project can go on and on…
We hang our hat on producing high quality video content that’s not #shotoniPhone
We operate with the leading filming equipment and editing software. You can expect
every video we shoot and produce to be high quality in terms of production value and
storytelling. However, high quality video production it doesn’t mean it has to be high
Our video marketing packages range from minimal crew involvement, to full crew
shoots, and everything in between. Heck, we’ve even got some DIY options for the
Scorsese in all of us;) Our video marketing packages can fit your business style and
budget. Maybe you’ve filmed some video already and just looking for someone to edit it,
or seeking a full production day shoot, Kessler Productions has what you are looking

All your videos: One day

We know budgets can be tight. That’s why when you work with us for a full video
marketing package, we prepare well in advance to ensure we capture as much content
as possible in one day. Maximizing your time and budget is important to us, so we’ll
collaborate ahead of time to line up all the shots we need. You’ll be surprised at the
amount of videos we can create in a given day with our talented team.

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