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What does “The Best Story Possible” mean?

We all love a good story. A comeback story. A funny story. A true story. We like to say that story always wins! 

Years before starting Kessler Productions, Director/Producer Joe Kessler made a living  as a stand-up and improv comedian. He also was as a keynote speaker at various events around the world. Some advice Joe got early on in his career was “If you ever feel like  you’re losing your audience, tell a story.” 

Years later, Joe and his team have tailored that same skillset of storytelling to video  production. It serves as a unique approach when taking on any video project. 

Capture their attention

Your video’s first few seconds needs to draw your audience in and keep them watching.  Some ways that could be accomplished is with beautiful cinematography, captivating  music, or engaging messaging that we hear from those on camera.  

Now that you’ve got your audience hooked, it’s about keeping them engaged to the end.  It could be done through the story arc, the music selected for the video, on screen  graphics, the variety of shots in the edit, the list goes on… 

If a shot or soundbite is amazing by itself, but doesn’t help the overall story and flow, it’s  very likely it’ll hit the cutting room floor. One might call it over-the-top editing, but we  aren’t trying to tell “the most ok story possible”…we’re all about telling “the best story  possible” 

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