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Why Choose Kessler Productions?

You’re taking a look at a variety of video production options, as you should! So why  choose us? 

A cure for Stage Fright 

We know how awkward it can be in front of the camera, with a microphone over your  head, lights all around you, and a few strangers staring at you hoping you deliver  something great. We’re not going to pretend that you’re all natural Meryl Streeps or  Denzel Washington’s in front of the camera. I’m sure we’ll have some hams for the  camera, but in case there aren’t, we’ve got you covered.  

We’ve been in front of the camera for years. We’ve even been camera shy before. So,  we can empathize with you AND still get your inner star to shine. 

Maximizing your Time and Budget 

How many video production companies have you talked to that say they’d want to work with you less? Probably not many. Don’t get us wrong, we love our clients but we’re not about to schedule you for multiple production days and blow your marketing budget, just so we can post “Back on set again today” 😉 When we created a few of our video marketing packages we had your time and budget in mind. That’s why many of our  shoots can be done in one day while still getting you a lot of value in the content captured. 


We Tell Your Best Story Possible 

We’ve talked about how we tell your best story possible and what that looks like. But, don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have said:


“I had no clue how to tell our story through video. In our Discovery Meeting, Joe helped  us craft our brand story and put together a video strategy we can use for the whole year  to market our company! I'm already looking forward to our next round of videos.” 

The Kessler Productions crew rocked it. You made everyone feel so comfortable and  confident. Your creativity and attention to detail was spectacular. 

We had a great experience shooting with Joe. He gave clear directions, had great  creative ideas, was extremely patient and positive, and made everyone feel very  comfortable throughout the entire process. We hope to work with him again.

Your team nailed the message. We love the tone and energy. So excited to create  many more videos with your team. 

Let’s Go!

So what do you think? Are you ready to schedule a time to chat over your video project?  We’re looking forward to hearing what you have in mind.