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What does your video process look like?

If you’re planning to work with Kessler Productions from initial concept creation to final video delivery, there are a couple of steps to capturing your best story possible! We don’t skimp on planning, so buckle up 😉

Video Messaging Discovery

Good storytelling is what truly connects with any audience. So, first up is our video messaging discovery meeting. We meet with you and any other members from your team to discuss the project. What are your goals, what makes your brand unique, how would you describe what you do and who you serve?


It’s a lot of listening on the front end to truly uncover the best ways to tell your story. By the time our discovery meeting ends we’ll have a clear direction for how to tell the best story possible. On top of that, we’ll sketch out your content needs (ie. monthly videos to post on social media, your website) and map out all the next steps.

Video Pre-Production

We’re a bit nerdy when it comes to video pre-production. After our discovery meeting, it’s all about planning our shoot day or days, and every detail that makes your project a big win! Our goal is to make this process easy for you while making you look good. If possible, we’ll try to capture all of the video content needed in one day, giving you time
and money to focus on other initiatives. We want to make the most of the content we capture on any production day, so we pack in a tight shoot schedule, yet leave room for multiple days of filming if a project calls for it.

Your Video Shoot

Now the fun begins! Let’s roll camera! With a plan of action and a schedule to work with, it’s time to tell your story. Whether we working with hired acting talent, or non-acting talent from your business, it’s all about creating a comfortable environment for anyone on-camera to show up as awesome as possible. And, if you’re a rookie to being on-
camera, no worries. We only look good when you look good, so we make a living creating a casual and cozy filming environment to help your business look awesome.

E is for Editing

Once we say “That’s a wrap” on your project our video editing process is just getting started. Our team of editors reviews all of the video footage and begins to edit together each video story. Once your videos are fully edited and we’ve put all the final touches on them, we’ll share the content with your team. Once approved by you, it’s happy hosting or posting on your part! It’s one of our favorite parts of the job when we see your new video assets out there in the world!


We’re Ready – Are You?

Hit us up if you want to learn more about a video project together!